2Booli in Troy Offers a Variety of Mediterranean Eats

Travel across southeast Michigan and you’re bound to pass a few Mediterranean Restaurants. While each has its own spin on this popular cuisine, the overall menus from place to place are typically very similar. During our visit with manager Cory Shedd, we learned what 2Booli is doing to compete in the restaurant industry. Their focus is simple, namely to prepare their food daily from scratch, as well as using the freshest ingredients possible and trust their longtime family recipes from Lebanon. After sampling several selections, we gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Maza for 2: A perfect platter for sampling. Enjoy 2Booli, Hommous, baba ghonnouj, falafel, and mjadara. Served with fresh vegetables and baked pita bread.

Deboned Chicken: One half of a garlic and herb marinated chicken grilled and served with rice pilaf and fresh grilled vegetables.

With strict dietary needs for those with gluten-free allergies, 2Booli has created a special gluten-free menu.

 Lemon Oregano Chicken: Marinated grilled chicken kabobs sauteed in a lemon oregano reduction. Served with rice pilaf and fresh grilled vegetables. .

We want to thank 2Booli for the invite and chance to sample their menu. We walked away satisfied and impressed with the quality of food. I’m sure we’ll be back before too long.

To see the rest of our sampling, check out our flick page here.

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Photos taken by Aly Darin.


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