What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Afternoon everyone. I was getting all prepped to do a ‘how to’ on how to make what I made for dinner, but then realized this isn’t a ‘how to’ kind of blog now, is it? ­čśë

What’s for dinner?

enchilada, spanish rice, sweet corn cake.

I slow cooked chicken breasts for a few hours, shredded them, and mixed in spanish rice and corn to make chicken enchiladas (I made some in whole grain tortillas and some in spinach tortillas) topped with mexican cheese and jalapenos before baking.

enchilada lineup

Assembly line (above)

enchilada prebake

(before they got the┬ádry sauna┬átreatment. ­čśë

Chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, and sweet corn cake is what’s for dinner over here.

What’s on your plate tonight?

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