Bites Nearby: Falafel King

Falafel plate: perfect as an entree for one or an appetizer for two or three

Originally published on on July 22, 2011

I can admit, without a shadow of a doubt, that Middle Eastern food is nearest to my heart. My family owns a deli in St. Clair Shores, so I’ve grown up eating hummus, kibbeh, tabouleh, meat pies and baklava.

Falafel King reminds me why I enjoy Middle Eastern food so much. Most importantly, I ate my entire meal without using utensils. It may sound barbaric or juvenile, but eating with my hands is a simple pleasure.

The reason you can forgo utensils at Falafel King is the fresh-baked, fluffy pita bread. As you may know, fresh-baked pita is one of the most addictive foods on earth. Even after you’ve eaten a dozen or so, you’ll continue to eat.

But you’re not eating pita alone; you need to try the falafel.

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