Celebrating National Pizza Month with Buddy’s Pizza!

Vegan & Gluten Free Pizza

As National Pizza Month comes to an end today on Halloween, the busiest pizza day of the year, we had the opportunity to sample an interesting product from Buddy’s Pizza. For those nights when you’re not sure when your guests will arrive, Buddy’s offers half-baked pizzas.

From a Buddy’s press release:

“Like our fully-cooked pizzas, the half-baked  pies are made to order every day with only the freshest of ingredients to ensure each pizza has that same great Buddy’s flavor,”  said Wes Pikula, vice president of operations at Buddy’s Pizza.  “Half-baked pizzas are a great option for patrons who want to refrigerate or freeze our pies and enjoy them at their convenience.”

Customers can order any of their favorite signature Buddy’s Pizzas, including the Made in Michigan Great Lakes pizzas which were launched this summer as part of an initiative with Alliance for the Great Lakes to raise funds and awareness for the conservation and restoration of the mitten’s greatest resource.

Customers can also personalize their half-baked pizza orders to reflect any taste or dietary restriction. Choices include original, gluten free and multigrain crusts, original and tomato basil sauces, and a variety of cheeses including Wisconsin brick cheese, Buddy’s own the Motor City Cheese blend and a casein-free vegan cheese.

Since I’m pretty familiar with the classic Buddy’s pies, I decided to opt for the vegan version with the casein-free cheese. Going one step further, I also opted for the gluten-free crust. The Florine Mark is topped with spinach, garlic, black olives, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms. This pizza is an ideal candidate for being cheeseless. Being blunt, vegan cheese adds nothing to the pizza. Of course, this is not Buddy’s fault – they don’t make the vegan cheese. Their gluten free crust, while thinner than the original, is delightful with a subtle sweetness. My recommendation is to bake it longer than suggested to really crisp up the crust.

The Lake Huron Pizza

While I do tend to eat vegan often, I’m not averse to being a carnivore either. That said, the Lake Huron pizza topped with spinach, roasted tomatoes, Motor City cheese blend, and spinach and artichoke dip, is quite delicious. One of the great things about these half baked pizzas is you can control the doneness. I like my pizza well done nearing charred. As you can see from the photo, the pizza came out of the oven when I was happy with it. Lake Huron is a rich pizza, but the richness is offset by tangy artichokes and roasted tomatoes.

Half baked pizzas are a great idea for parties if you’re serving guests in shifts. Really, they’re a pretty great idea all around because you can keep them in the freezer and have Buddy’s Pizza anytime your little heart desires in the comfort of your own home.


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