Chef Brian Polcyn shops, chops, and dines in Milford

Chef Brian Polcyn looking for the perfect watermelon at the Milford Farmers' Market.

How often are you able to attend a cooking class with a world class chef?

For a small group of lucky people, Chef Polcyn opened his kitchen and gave the cooking lesson of lifetime.  In conjunction with the Milford Farmers’ Market, Shop-Chop-Dine was not only a chance for people to learn from Chef Polcyn, but it was more an opportunity to become familiar with the farmers’ market and everything it has to offer.  Although this wasn’t a free event, all proceeds were generously donated to the Milford Farmers’ Market by Chef Polcyn.

Kelley Kirchner,  events director of Milford Farmers’ Market, thought up this event.  This event is “a great way to reinforce buying local and taking simple ingredients and creating delicious meals,” Kirchner said.  Having Chef Polcyn on board was the icing on the cake (pun intended).








After shopping, we headed back to Cinco Lagos where Chef Polcyn offered step by step instruction on a number of dishes.  The lesson of the evening was cooking need not be complex to be delicious.  With fresh ingredients and a little know how, cooking at home can be exciting.

One of the most impressive parts of the evening was being privy to Chef Polcyn’s thought process pertaining to menu creation. It is nearly all about look and feel – whatever looks great at the market can be incorporated into the meal (TIP: walk around the market once before you buy anything, it is always good to have an idea of everything that’s available).   At farmers’ markets you’re forced to shop seasonally, which is better for flavor and health.

Chef Polcyn cutting up a chicken.

With all of the ingredients in place, Chef Polcyn unveiled his menu:

  • Bruschetta using tomatoes, basil, and bread from the market
  • Homemade pickles
  • Roasted corn soup with poblano relish and sour cream
  • Chicken paprikash served with mixed vegetables
  • Chorizo stuffed rabbit
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Peach and plum cobbler with locally produced ice cream
  • Locally produced chocolates
  • Yellow watermelon and vodka granita

Roughly 30 minutes of shopping and 90 minutes of preparation and cooking is all it took to produce this menu.  Obviously, the average family of four would not to make this volume of food, but it definitely doable.

Chef Brian and Chef Joe plating dinner.

Shop-Chop-Dine was a roaring success.  Not only was the event informative, but it was fun and easy to understand as well.  When it was all said and done, every attendee left happy and full. What more could you ask for?

Yes, I will have a chocolate.

For more about the Milford Farmers’ Market, check out their website.

Cinco Lagos is located at 424 North Main Street, Milford, MI 48381 (Map)

For more photos of Shop-Chop-Dine, please visit the Flickr Set.

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