Clean Plate Club: Albert’s on the Alley

NY Strip Steak with all the fixins

Originally printed in Real Detroit Weekly .

Situated between Dearborn and Livonia, Garden City is often times forgotten, which makes Albert’s existence there all the more impressive. Able to seat close to 500 people, Albert’s is a huge place. From the bar to the game room to the VIP section, each area has its own personality, but the food remains constant throughout.

There’s no denying the chef has a steakhouse background; decadent, buttery sauces, heavy on cheese and a menu slanted toward steaks. Yes, Albert’s is a bar, but with Chef Darin Thompson at the helm, food is as important as anything else. Chef Thompson was the executive chef at Laffery’s Steaks on the Hearth, a now defunct steakhouse that many metro Detroiters grew to love. “I’m going to use my culinary experience from Laffery’s to bring new life to the kitchen at Albert’s,” says Thompson.

It may seem strange that a former fine dining chef is trying to recreate prior magic in a raucous bar setting, but Albert’s is large enough that it has multiple identities. Albert’s is quite literally divided into four or five areas, each area with its own distinct vibe. It is quite possible to enjoy a meal with the family while folks are partying at the bar.

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The toppings on the "Loaded" pizza are all super fresh.

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