Clean Plate Club: Bath City Bistro

Originally printed in Real Detroit Weekly on June 28, 2011

Downtown Mount Clemens isn’t necessarily viewed as a dining destination. Rife with bars and quick lunch spots, the dinner spots are sometimes forgotten (the town pretty much dies at 5 p.m. during the week). Rightly called a “little Royal Oak,” by a waitress, Mount Clemens has the culinary chops to at least be considered for weekend excursions.

At the forefront of consideration should be Bath City Bistro, a Belgian influenced bistro that focuses on unique and home cooked cuisine. Admittedly inspired by the Cadieux Cafe, Bath City Bistro not only is a restaurant, but there is also Belgian trough bowling for your entertainment before, after or during your meal. Opened 10 years ago by three girlfriends (Julie Gibbons, Stephanie Sevin and Debbie Boone) because Macomb County had nothing like it.

If you’re claiming to be Belgian, you’d better have moules (mussels) on the menu. Not only are mussels on the menu, but the “Tub of Mussels” boasts some of the largest specimens I have ever laid eyes on. These monstrosities are covered in a spicy tomato sauce that demands bread to be sopped up. Had the night not been so warm, I would’ve been drinking that sauce.

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