Clean Plate Club: Bourbon Steak

Kobe Beef Lettuce Wraps

Originally printed in Real Detroit Weekly

It’s not often that you walk into a restaurant and think, “Wow, this place is special!” But Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak in the MGM Grand Casino is the ideal special occasion restaurant. Yes, it is expensive, but the high quality makes up for it. Sure, steak is in the restaurant’s name, but there is far more than filet on the menu. Bourbon Steak is a place that must be experienced at least once.

Our point of reference for lettuce wraps was the sometimes-odd PF Chang’s version of the underwhelming chicken-iceberg wrap combination. Imagine our surprise (and relief) when we saw these vibrant, bold Kobe lettuce wraps ($18). Kobe beef comes from high quality, pampered bovine. Buttery, Asian-spiced beef is served with leaves of Boston lettuce and three sauces, the best of which is the ginger pesto.

Deep-frying makes food delicious. It seems unfair to up the ante on frying, but Chef Kevin Hee does just that by frying in duck fat. As if French fries and fried chicken weren’t self-indulgent enough, their decadence is magnified when duck fat is introduced.

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Duck Fat Fried Chicken

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