Clean Plate Club: O’Mara’s

Beautiful Brunch: Baked French Toast

Originally published in Real Detroit Weekly

O’Mara’s is one of those rare places that tries to do everything right. Since one week before Saint Patrick’s Day in 1994, this Irish pub with a gourmet kitchen has been serving a variety of food with inspiring attention to detail.

Now, we don’t make it a habit to be awake before noon, but since O’Mara’s recently introduced a breakfast menu we could be persuaded otherwise. Rather than just deciding to serve breakfast one morning, O’Mara’s ran a series of tastings to aid in menu development. One hundred-fifty people gave their opinions over the course of five tastings to bring the menu to where it is today. To this day, though, the menu is not etched in stone. Dishes are evolving, but a final menu should be printed in the coming weeks.

One item that will definitely be on the final menu is baked French toast. Truth be told calling this “French toast” is a bit of a misnomer, it is more like bread pudding, but that’s not a bad thing. Dense, sweet bread is layered with cinnamon and brown sugar and topped with mixed berries. With a texture like custard, this plate of sugary goodness could easily pass for dessert, too. Breakfast is served daily from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Note: full bar is available at this time, so mimosas and/or coffee drinks are a tempting option.

Breakfast not your thing? Don’t worry, O’Mara’s lunch and dinner options are impressive as well. Their menu isn’t strictly Irish, though there is Irish fare on the menu. From Asian to Italian to Mediterranean, there is a little bit of everything.

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