[Contest] Win Tickets to Alton Brown LIVE!


We’re really excited about hitting 3,000 likes on Facebook. In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable Tour hitting the Fox Theater in Detroit on November 2, 2013.

Entering the contest is easy: just leave us a comment here, on the applicable Facebook thread, or @ us on Twitter to tell us what your favorite Good Eats episode is and why. We’ll choose two winners at random on October 14.

31 thoughts on “[Contest] Win Tickets to Alton Brown LIVE!

  1. The pancakes! Love them! The Flapjack episode. thanks to this episode we perfected our griddle technique and always have perfect pancakes, never burned.

  2. Hard to pick! But the one where he makes chocolate chip cookies and the Dark chocolate episodes are my two favorites! Yes, i have a sweet tooth! :-)

  3. As A chef I love this guy sooo much! Like Bill Nye for food. Food competition shows stress me out so Good Eats is the only food show I can handle. (well Nadia G is hot and Great chefs of the world is the best cooking show of all time.)

  4. My favorite yummy episode is “For Whom the Cheese Melts 2″…this is my favorite because it inspired my brother to make Alton’s Mac & Cheese. It was such a hit that I now get to enjoy Alton’s M&C every holiday!

  5. My seven year old has requested Alton’ s peeking duck for her birthday dinner for the last several years. It is so yummy and easy to make.

  6. “Ginger: Rise of The Rhyzome”. Alton showcased a recipe and technique for making ginger beer. It inspired me to make the recipe at least a dozen times until I decided it was high time to brew real beer. Still brewing both beer and ginger beer. I love Dark and Stormies with fresh made Ginger Beer!!!!!

  7. So many of the things I make I learned from Good Eats! My fave would have to be “Flat is Beautiful” because it helped me perfect my grilled pizza!!

  8. My favorite segment was from “For Whom The Cheese Melts 2,” in which, after getting hooked on the show from the first episode, “The Wing and I,” inspired me to start cooking mac & cheese at family gatherings for holidays. The part of that episode that hooked me, though, was Alton’s analysis of the various cooking tools and foods. It gave me an appreciation for multi-taskers and how seemingly cosmetic/textural differences make all the difference when cooking.

  9. From his initial book, I Am Just Here For the Food to his recent Good Eats volumes, Alton has fascinated me with his love and understanding of delectable edibles. Additionally, since I have a chemistry/science background, Alton’s writings and shows have such informative content that I thoroughly look forward to watching his shows and trying to re-create some of his recipes–eggs benedict is now a perfected dish, among others, thanks to Alton B!

  10. I would love to win tickets for the show in Rockford, IL. This is something that generations within my family come together and enjoy. Also I have one important question that has not been able to be answered anywhere else, since I am highly allergic to seafood but want the same benefits of seafood, what are substitutes

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