Cinco de Mayo in Detroit

Please enjoy a short look at our all day adventure into Detroit’s Mexicantown. We began at Taqueria Nuestra Familia for a couple lengua (beef tongue) and cabeza (beef head) tacos and a Negra Modelo.  Walked down to Shelia’s for a piece of outrageous tres leches cake (I returned to Shelia’s at the end of the day to bring three more slices home).  We met our good friend Erick at Las Brisas for a Steak Milanesa torta and a margarita.  Strolled back down to Los Altos for menudo (tripe stew).

In an almost misguided move, we crawled (in a car no less) to the epicenter of Detroit’s Cinco de Mayo celebration in the heart of Mexican Village (On Bagley between 23rd and 24th Street).   Finally, we met up with Tina and Jai at El Nacimiento for one last meal (and one last Negra Modelo) before calling it a night.

This was our second year organizing a Cinco de Mayo event, so we now have a tradition.  We look forward to planning an even bigger Cinco de Mayo excursion in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo in Detroit

  1. Thanks to both of you! Had fun making the slideshow as well as taking the photos. We’ll be doing more of these slideshows in the future.

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