Great Time at Great Harvest Bread Co. of Birmingham

Every so often, we get invited to a different kind of opportunity. A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to bake some bread with the extremely passionate Husband and Wife team over at the Great Harvest Bread Co. of Birmingham. Tina and Kevin Yancey purchased this business just last year and have been pumping out delicious whole grain products ever since.

After baking some bread, we got to sample a variety of their baked goods. The cheddar garlic, challah, and honey whole wheat were all fantastic. The challah and honey whole wheat would be perfect for making sandwiches. The pepperoni roll-up had a nice crusty exterior with a soft, pepperoni filled interior.

We also sampled the coconut cake and chocolate bread pudding, both excellent treats. There wasn’t a bad selection throughout the day, we look forward to visiting again soon. They also offer free tours, all the time!

Did you know they are the bread behind the french toast and toast at Original Pancake House? Pretty cool huh.

Here is a sample of what our morning looked like:

Tina, Joe, and David – Braiding challah- This is the 3 braid version, can also do a 5 braid

Tina and Joe create a design on top of a honey whole wheat bread

Tina shows off their mill grinder

Joe takes picture of cheddar garlic bread baking

Learning about the challenge of cleaning Oscar the Oven (all their equipment has been given a name)

Tasting station for anyone wanting a free sample

We also experienced a “flight of whole grains” during our tour of the facility and learned about the milling process and why they don’t need to add preservatives to their products. Speaking of which, here are some of the options:

Some breads include:

Asiago Pesto

Michigan Cherry Walnut (the “Kid Rock” of breads — from Michigan, tart, nutty, keeps you guessing)

Spinach Feta

Michigan Herb

Cheddar Garlic

Cranberry Flax

Honey Whole Wheat

Old Fashioned White

Cinnamon Swirl

Cinnamon Chip

Nine Grain

Beautifully braided Challah

Other Products:

Hot Cross Buns, Chocolate Bread Pudding, Scones, Cookies, Biscotti,  Gourmet Croutons, Groovy Granola Mix, Corporate Gift Baskets and much more! They encourage their customers to sample their products before making purchasing decisions. We highly suggest you come in and check out what Tina and Kevin have to offer, you won’t be disappointed and as they say, “all they KNEAD is love.”

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