Healthy Authentic Mexican Cooking – Guest Blog by Daniela Flores

Do you think you really know Mexican cuisine?

Mexican cuisine includes a variety of ingredients, creativity, color, versatility so one dish can be eaten differently, as a starter a main dish or as a side!

Our authentic cuisine includes mainly corn, beans, chiles, tomato, herbs, spices; we cook with sauces and broths, we eat egg, chicken, fish, meat, and white cheeses. Mexican cuisine could be for vegetarians or meat lovers!. I invite you to savor the tastes and aromas of authentic Mexican cuisine!

¡ Buen Provecho! Enjoy!

Nopalitos and cheese stew

Recipe courtesy of Daniela Flores

Description: Mexican nopales in a hot tomato sauce with panela cheese. Enjoy this delicious dish, rich in fiber and antioxidants as an appetizer or as a side.


– 4 nopales pads, diced, washed and cooked.

-1 Tbs olive oil

– ½ cup diced panela cheese (or substitute for another type of cheese)

-Salt to taste


For tomato sauce:

-3 Roma tomatoes

-3 whole cloves of garlic

– 1 chipotle chile (canned)




–        Carefully remove spines from the nopales pads.

–        Dice nopales and wash.

–        Bring diced nopales to boil with a little water to cover; do not overcook! After cooking, drain and cover to eliminate its sticky texture.

Cleaning and dicing nopales

Cooking nopales


Tomato Sauce:

–        Boil tomatoes in water to cover, until soft. Remove and let them cool.

–        In a blender combine tomatoes, garlic and chipotle chile. If too thick add some water from the boiled tomatoes.

  1. Pour tomato mixture through colander.
  2. In a saucepan heat the olive oil over medium heat. Reduce to low and add nopales. After 2 minutes, add the tomato mixture and season to taste.

When nopales and tomato mixture are well combined add panela cheese. Toss thoroughly.

Ingredients Mixture


Serves 2-3

Total time: 45 min

  • Prep time: 35 min
  • Cooking time: 10 min

Tip :

  • Serve it with tortilla chips, or heated corn tortilla.

Nopales and panela cheese can be found in Mexican town groceries.

Nopales and cheese stew served with tortillas

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