In Vino Veritas: Wine-Soaked Memoirs – Book signing with Dave Lucier at Zazios

Somehow or another, we all can find the truth in a nice bottle of wine.  Whether it is relaxing on a porch on a sunny day with a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from theLoireValley, or enjoying a hearty meal paired with a Pino Noir, wine (should) always find its way onto our tables to help enhance our lives.

Coming up on Saturday, June 23, 2012, at 7:00 pm, local author and wine aficionado Dave Lucier will be pairing his 2011 book, In Vino Veritas:  Wine-Soaked Memoirs, with the delectable courses of Birmingham’s Zazios restaurant.  The evening choices are conceptualized by the book’s co-author Todd Ellis and Zazios Executive Chef Alex Lucier.

Recently, I had a chance to speak with Dave about his book and his love of wine.  Dave is 66 now and has been drinking wine for what seems to him as forever.  What really intrigued him about wine were the parings and tastings he attended, coupled with the stories he heard at them.

Todd Ellis (aka Vince Vino) conducted the wine tastings at a local restaurant that Dave frequented and the partnership blossomed from there.  Todd would tell stories of his travels from the years past, which enthralled Dave (and the other patrons).  Dave suggested collaboration, Todd agreed, and what transpired was In Vino Veritas:  Wine-Soaked Memoirs – a hybrid fact/fiction book, embellishing the historical background with wine truths, and intended to be a fun summer read.

Zazios will present five parings with wine choices.  During the evening, Dave will be signing books and answering questions.  Todd will be discussing the courses and education patrons about the wine choices.


Contact Zazios for reservations or more information 34977 Woodward Ave. Birmingham, MI, 48009, telephone (248) 530-6400.

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