[Interview] Introducing the “Real Talk” Series

Sometimes there is more than a bar top or a french door that divides a patron from the bartender or chef.  We pick up habits from our friends, or from a collection of past experiences, and dine or drink a certain way based on those habits.  Sometimes, we have questions that go unanswered, at times because we choose not to ask them.  I’ve thought long and hard for some time about these very issues.

So a long while back, I approached some of the best of the best to ask them the tough questions that we think you should know.  After coming across the lost tapes and combing through the hundreds of pages of transcript, we’re finally ready to put together the Real Talk Series.  Broken into several different parts, we’ve put these interviews together the word for word, so you get straight from their mouths – questions about tipping bartenders, sending food back, ordering off the menu, getting a server’s attention, and much, much more.

We will start on Monday, February 2, 2015, with the first installment of Real Talk – The Chef Series. It will continue on Mondays and Fridays for 8 installments.  On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, we’ll kick off Real Talk – The Bartender Series, continuing every Tuesday and Friday for 7 installments.

We hope you enjoy this Series, and appreciate your feedback.  As always, please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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