[Interview] Luciano Del Signore on Bacco Turning 13

Chef Luciano Del Signore is one of metro Detroit’s most well known restauranteurs. He’s the dude behind Bigalora and Bacco Ristorante, which turns 13 this month. In honor of this momentous occasion, there will be a special $13 menu offered for both lunch and dinner beginning today May 4 and running through May 15 (excluding Saturdays). The menu is comprised of “Bacco favorites from the past 13 years,” according to Del Signore.

Don’t forget to peruse the stellar wine list. The constantly rotating by the glass list is carefully curated and will definitely have something to accentuate the food on this menu. If you are not sure of what wine to order, ask your server who will definitely give you a proper recommendation.

(Interview continues under menu)

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With 13 years under its belt, Bacco must be doing something, actually a lot of things, right. Yet, Del Signore is not afraid to evolve, “Bacco Ristorante is a constant evolution, of course menu changes come with the seasons, but the most important thing we have been able to do is find better ways to serve our clientele.” Del Signore says. There is also a focus on supporting in state farmers and purveyors, which Del Signore calls, “very gratifying,” but he also understands what is best sometimes cannot be sourced in state. Maybe it is the wild caught European fish that they portion in house or the hand rolled pastas or hand spun gelato, whatever it may be Del Signore and his crew are intent are being different and constantly improving.


Bacco’s equation for fine dining is straightforward – top notch hospitality coupled with consistent high quality food, but its execution is a bit more complicated. Though the guest experience at Bacco feels seamless, there are a lot of moving parts (this is true of all restaurants). When asked what advice he would give to an aspiring restauranteur, Del Signore replied, “Do not pay attention to other restaurants – just focus inside your four walls and pay attention to the smallest details like first impression, last impression, keeping everybody on your team smiling, cleanliness, table management, recognition, and of course consistent high quality food.  Hospitality is the key word here.  Lastly adapt to the market you are in, listen to needs of your customer base, and don’t be afraid to make changes.” Pretty simple, right?

As diners, we can sometimes forget and by proxy under appreciate how much work goes into the restaurant experience. Del Signore is not trying to demystify the experience, but his quote gives just a tiny glimpse into how complex restaurants truly are. Successful restaurants give the outward appearance of the very little complexity allowing guests to escape their everyday life even if it is only for an hour or two. For the next 10 days, escaping to Bacco is wonderfully affordable.

Congrats to Luciano and his Bacco family – here’s to many more years of success!

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