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Hello Hungry Dudes fans! My name is Alexandra Height and I am the newest member of the Hungry Dudes’ blogging team. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Management from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Mich. In August, l’m beginning my journey through culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and I will be sharing my adventure through this blog.

Thinking back to when I was a child, I cannot remember a time when I dreamt of doing anything other than cooking. I come from two backgrounds with equally heavy culinary influences: German and Italian. On my Italian side, I follow in the footsteps of women who spent hours cooking in the kitchen every day. They cooked everything from homemade pasta, to breads, to desserts and much more. These women would not let a visitor leave without eating a three-course meal regardless of whether or not they had just eaten. They cooked with love and laughter and this tradition continues with my mother and her sisters who are some of my biggest influences in the kitchen. Below is a sample of the dishes I’ve made:

Homemade Chalupas                                        Salad Skewers

On my German side, my father’s parents were both great cooks.  Some of my earliest memories are of my grandparents’ homemade buns, Chicken Paprikash and wonderful apple pies.  Every Thanksgiving, their table was filled with homemade delights such as pickled beets and mashed rhubarb.

I fell in love with cooking at such an early age because of the many cooks in my family. As a young girl, my mother would pull me out of school for two days to bake cookies during each Christmas season. This tradition continues still today except for the skipping class part. I not only enjoy cooking but I adore being in the kitchen and I appreciate food in general. The environment in almost any kitchen is open and friendly, much like who I am as a person.

I am often asked what my favorite thing is to cook, and the truth is I love to cook anything and everything. I don’t shy away from recipes that seem difficult or extensive and I will try everything at least once. I enjoy creating my own recipes and I have an idea book that I jot random cooking thoughts in whenever they come to me. I love making homemade breads and different types of sauces. I cook soups during the winter and I make my own pickles during the summer. I grow herbs of various kinds throughout the entire year and I look forward to having my own greenhouse someday. I enjoy almost every kind of appetizer and I have a deep, immeasurable love for cheese.

Chocolate Souffle                                             Tenderloin, grilled broccoli and panco crusted potato cakes

I have never once uttered the phrase, “I hope to work for a chef someday,” but instead,  “I hope to become a great chef one day.” With my business background and my upcoming culinary arts degree, I hope to open a small market and eatery in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Some of my favorite restaurants can be found up north, such as Table 6 and Blue Bike Burrito in the small town of Menominee, Mich. Another favorite restaurant of mine, located in Metro Detroit, is Forest Grill in Birmingham. I love restaurants that serve food they take pride in and hope to own a business that will reflect this.

My blog will take readers through the journey of culinary school and every experience that I encounter. The Hungry Dudes are kind enough to allow me to share my thoughts and teachings with their friends and followers and I hope that this helps everyone fall in love with food even more. I look forward to sharing ideas, techniques and new styles of cooking with you! On your mark, get set, cook!



My name is Alexandra Height and I’m a culinary student at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago. I recently graduated from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Mich. with my Bachelor’s in Business Management. I enjoy reading, writing and of course, cooking. I will be writing a blog during my time in culinary school describing the good, the bad and the ugly, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about my journey as much as I enjoy experiencing it. The adventure will be exciting and scary, but above all else, it will be a blast! Follow me into the world a culinary arts, I promise you’ll love it! Follow me on Twitter: @AlexandraHeight15[/box]

12 thoughts on “Life of A Culinary Student – Weekly Blog Series

  1. Very easy, and what else is neat, is you can make a million different variations. Maybe grill up some chicken before on the skewers and add chunks of fresh Parmesan, romaine and Caesar dressing. A new twist on the Caesar salad!

  2. Excellent post! Love the chalupa photo — do you have a recipe you can share? Alternatively, you are welcome to just come to my home and make some :) Looking forward to hearing about all of your culinary school adventures!

    • Thank you Karen! I have a feeling it will be a lot of fun! I actually made those for Cinco de Mayo and I took the recipe from Eva Longoria’s new cookbook Eva’s Kitchen. She has some neat ideas in it! They were amazing! So are the shrimp stuffed avocado if you purchase the book! :)

  3. That souffle looks amazing! I always have a wonderful time when I go to the U.P., but sometimes our dinner options have been limited (trying to be diplomatic here ). The truly wonderful places stand out, and I can’t wait to see what you bring to that!

  4. I am really drooling over the chocolate souffle. You didn’t tell me you used your new dishes? They are so pretty!!!

  5. Great job Alex! You have a wonderful passion and I admire your strength in following your dreams. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more exciting reading in the future!

  6. Hi Alexandra! WTG! Years ago, my sister Tracy used to live across the street from your family and she shared this link with me. I am so impressed!

  7. Hi Alexandra… so excited for you! Can’t wait to hear and follow your blog. Send me some good recipes, always looking for new ideas. Of course they need to be easy, fast and kid friendly! :) Good luck!

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