My Day with Andrew Zimmern

Words and photos by Joe Hakim

Bizarre Foods Detroit aired last night, but there’s a lot that went into the show that you might not be aware of. Last June I was contacted by Andrew Zimmern’s production company to do some scouting for the upcoming Bizarre Foods: Detroit episode.

My mission was pretty exciting: find the most unique places in and around Eastern Market. I spent about four hours scouting. This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had since starting The Hungry Dudes. Simply walking around Eastern Market with my camera and meeting different vendors, like the folks from Love’s Custard Pie, Mel from Holtz Farm, or Jim from Green Organics Farm.

‎"It is the best pie I have ever eaten in my life." -Andrew Zimmern

Jim from Green Organics Farm

Mel from Holtz Farms

Walking in to Kap’s Wholesale was fascinating. As a full scale butcher shop, Kap’s sells whole pigs for roasting, butchering, or whatever else you’d do with a hundreds of pounds of pork. Pig carcasses hung from the ceiling. Not a very appetizing photo, at least not as appetizing as the cooked pig on tonight’s show.

By the end of the day, Bert’s was kickin’. The same way Bizarre Foods: Detroit opened tonight was the same I ended my days both scouting and my day with Andrew.

Grillin' at Bert's

If there was one thing that came across on tonight’s show, it is Andrew’s genuine love for what he’s doing. He was very excited to be in Detroit and that was evident nearly every step of the way in tonight’s episode. While in Eastern Market, he was incredibly gracious to everyone he came in contact with.

Andrew posing with a fan

If only there was some way to see some of the cut footage. Moments of pure joy when Andrew would start to engage a passerby. His camera crew works incredibly fast because none of what happens on screen is scripted. These are totally genuine moments. If Andrew starts to talk to someone, the crew is there almost immediately capturing what could be a perfect conversation.

More than anything else, I was so proud to show Andrew and his crew around Eastern Market. More over, I was equally as proud when the show aired tonight.

Andrew Zimmern – Detroit thanks you. We’re glad you enjoyed your time here and hope you come back to visit us very soon.

"Andrew Z. drinks Tiger milk to grow strong" - at Supino Pizzeria

Bizarre Foods:Detroit on

Flickr set with scouting report photos & more with Andrew Zimmern

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