Panko Meatball Salad

Seems like everyone’s got a New Year Resolution, most are health related with better eating habits and a few more trips to the gym. Not wanting to feel left out, I’ve decided to add more salads to my diet since they are both delicious and healthy.There’s no reason to make boring salads since the variety of what you can create is limitless. The other day I decided to replace salad dressing with Garden Fresh Spicy Cilantro Hummus. It was a success!

Looking to add some protein to my salad, I chose to make panko meatballs. Find your favorite meatball recipe, mine was pretty simple:

Ground beef
Garlic Salt & Pepper

I pulled out my trusty iron skillet and browned the meatballs before adding to 350 degree oven for about 8 minutes.

While the meatballs were baking in the oven I sauteed onions, mushrooms, green beans, and asparagus. As I mentioned earlier, I decided to replace traditional salad dressing with spicy cilantro hummus, as seen below.

I added all the ingredients, including tomatoes and cucumbers to my salad (don’t forget to add a little salt & pepper) with the hot meatballs and quickly added the spicy cilantro hummus to melt from the hot ingredients. It turned out to be one of the best salads I’ve ever made.


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