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I’m absolutely thrilled to be included in this year’s Pigstock TC. With camera in tow, I’ll be documenting every bit of the event from slaughter to the end of dinner on Wednesday. There will be blogs, tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts. Follow along starting Monday morning at 9 a.m. Here’s the entire press release about Pigstock, including information on public events.

The 4th Annual Pigstock TC offers a variety of opportunities for learning and dining for both butchery professionals and the general public alike.

The first of these opportunities is a three-day course for butchery professionals or seasoned home chefs, designed to provide attendees with an appreciation of what makes the Mangalitsa pig unique, from its breeding and raising practices, to the methods of processing a hog from the inside all the way out, and finally to producing world-class salumi and charcuterie products. The course will also compare Mangalitsa to Berkshire/Duroc and commercial/market hogs. Cherry Capital Foods is hosting this event as a cornerstone of increasing awareness of local and specialized proteins and foods. This event will help to boost awareness of animal husbandry, sustainable production, sensitive harvest and “whole animal” processing, serving up nose to tail. The first day will begin at Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay and the following two days will take place at the Hagerty Center.

Class highlights include; how to make sausages and what to do with the organs, how to break and seam butcher a Michigan Mangalitsa pig, and how to make dry-cure hams and sausages. Experts, Brian Polcyn and Christoph and Isabell Wiesner, will teach these classes.

This remarkable experience will bring chefs from all over the Midwest to come together and enjoy the beauty of Traverse City, as they participate in educational classes and listen to several different speakers on the Mangalitsa hog and seam butchery.

In addition to classes, this year’s program also offers fantastic events that both participants and the general public are invited to enjoy.

The first public event featured at this year’s Pigstock TC is the Harvest Dinner on Monday, October 21st at Black Star Farms’ newest venue, The Pegasus Barn. The Harvest Dinner is sure to be the best and freshest farm to table dinner in town. The five-course dinner, artfully prepared by Black Star Farms chef Jonathan Dayton will be paired with wines selected for each individual course. Attendees will also be treated to a viewing of Jason B. Kohl’s short film “The Slaughter,” filmed during a previous Pigstock event, during their dining experience.

Monday, October 21st also offers a course titled “Basic Butchery for the Home Chef”, where attendees will learn how to break down primal cuts of meat for use in the home. In addition to teaching how to properly handle the pig that was brought home from the 4H fair, the course will also offer samples of products such as homemade bacon and sausage. Chef Bob Rodriguez, Instructor at Great Lakes Culinary Institute – Northwestern Michigan College, will teach this class.

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Pigstock TC presents a luncheon fundraiser for 10 Cents a Meal for School Kids & Farms. Prepared by students from The Great Lakes Culinary Institute, this locally sourced lunch will feature renowned food writer, Michael Ruhlman speaking about healthy foods in schools. Give back while enjoying delicious food at Lobdell’s Restaurant.

The final evening of Pigstock festivities features the Pigstock TC Dinner, a fundraiser for Taste the Local Difference. On Wednesday, October 23rd, the annual dinner held at The Hagerty Center presents a night of all things pork. Each dish prepared by all-star local chefs will feature different parts of the pig. As an additional treat, each course is expertly paired with a local wine. This can’t-miss seven-course dinner showcases some of the best local talent all in one room.

Featured chefs for this year’s Pigstock TC Dinner include: Jonathan Dayton (Black Star Farms) , Myles Anton (Trattoria Stella) , Cole Thornton (The Hagerty Center), Guillaume Hazaël-Massieux (Bistro FouFou/La Becasse) , Paul Olson / Adam Raupp (Mission Table), Eric Patterson / Jennifer Blakeslee (The Cooks’ House), and Fred Laughlin (The Great Lakes Culinary Institute).

More information about our experts and special guest:

Brian Polcyn is an award-winning chef and nationally recognized charcuterie expert, most recently recognized as one of the Best Chefs in America. In addition to running two of Michigan’s best restaurants, he is also a chef instructor at Schoolcraft College in Livonia. He and Michael Ruhlman were co-authors of the 2005 book, Charcuterie, considered by many to be one of the most accessible books available on the topic. Both Brian and this book have been nominated for James Beard awards.

Christoph Wiesner was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He has been breeding and raising Mangalitsa hogs since 1999. Christoph was trained by Austria’s best butcher, Marcel Kropf, in animal slaughter and seam butchery. In 2004 he became president of Austria’s Mangalitsa Pig Breeder’s Union. At their farm in Göllersdorf, Arche De Wiskental, Christoph and Isabell breed rare, native Austrian farm animals, as well as local agricultural crops.

Isabell-Christina Zernitz-Wiesner attended the College for Occupation in Service Industries Management and studied at the University of Agriculture. She has been farming full time with Christoph since 2006 and organizes regular events at the farm, as well as handling the direct marketing of the farm’s produce.

Special Guest, Michael Ruhlman is a well-known author, food blogger, cook and journalist whose mission is to translate the chef’s craft for every kitchen. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books about food and cooking, including Ruhlman’s Twenty, which won both a James Beard Foundation award and an ICAP award.

About Traverse City

America’s Five Top Foodie Towns: Bon Appétit (Sept. 2010). Five Top Food Towns: Midwest Living 2009 and 2010. Top 10 Places to Enjoy Local Wines: USA Today (Oct. 2010). Livability.com has rated Traverse City as the #1 “Foodie City” in America for 2011. Discover why for yourself! The town known for breathtaking views and four seasons recreation boasts amazing amenities. Traverse City is taking the epicurean world by storm. It’s no wonder, either. You would think you were in a major metropolitan city with the number of options and quality of food and wine available.

A breakdown of the full-program schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 21st

– Slaughter at Black Star Farms
– Organ Cooking at Black Star Farms
– Five-course wine-paired harvest dinner at Black Star Farms’ The Pegasus Barn – Basic Butchery for the Home Chef course at Great Lake Culinary Institute

Tuesday, October 22nd

– Classes at Hagerty Center all day
– Luncheon fundraiser for 10 Cents a Meal for School Kids & Farms onsite at Lobdell’s

Wednesday, October 23rd

– Classes at Hagerty Center all day
– Seven-course dinner prepared by some of the best local chefs in Northern Michigan at

The Hagerty Center

For information regarding the program, press passes or registration please visit www.pigstockTC.com or contact:

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