What’s for Dinner Wednesday?


Is this really already the end of January, 2011? Wow! I’ve barely gotten used to writing 2011 when I’m writing the date, like I had to at work earlier (which is why I’m posting this so late…I meant to do these earlier!)

What’s for dinner? 

I’m the odd duck of the group. Ask the guys, or if you follow me on Twitter (@Wattyz) You probably already know this. If not, go follow me, you’ll see! ;)

All this talk about Taco Bell lately actually had me wanting to make tacos. See? Odd Duck! LOL They’re easy to make, and everyone in the family eats them with no complaints because they’re customizable for everyone’s tastes. 

I set everything up, and there’s a taco bar setup here. Soft tortillas for the youngster, hard shells for the guys, and a big cut head of Romaine lettuce for me to make a giant taco salad with.

Taco Salad

I found a pretty good recipe at Allrecipes. Posted Here

Shown above is ground beef mixed with taco seasoning, a head of romaine mixed in with some regular bagged salad mix, topped with a little spanish rice, red onion, tomatoes, and cheese, with a bit of greek yogurt (I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream. More flavor and better for you. :) 

What’s on your plate tonight?