What’s for Dinner Wednesday


Days like today I ask myself why I chose Wednesday to ask you guys what you’re eating. I mean, who really wants to cook midweek? Most people are just waiting for Friday to come along, so they can relax and have a few days to…well, do housework. 😉

I actually started this back in 2003 when I was a host of a parenting board. I can’t remember why I started it Wednesday way back then either! Catchy name maybe? HA! Ok, enough rambling.

What’s for dinner?

Today I’m in sloth mode. I woke up not wanting to do much. I have the oven baking my son some homemade beef jerky, and am not even slightly interested in cooking. Soooo I’m having leftover lentil soup with orzo.

Lentil soup

The recipe I used is Here. I added 1/2 a box of orzo at the end, as I saw my greek friend Kitoula added in her soup recipe. For the vinegar at the end, I added balsamic vinegar.

As for the jerky, it’s happily baking along. :)

beef jerky

What’s on your plate tonight?

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