[The Garden Party] Big Rock Chophouse & Chef Brian Henson

The Garden Party is only two days away! Our final preview takes us to Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham where Chef Brian Henson and his crew are churning out some stupendous food.

Sure, Big rock is a chop house so there is plenty of meat on the menu, but there’s a lot more on that menu. Plenty of seafood, other meats, and an incredible happy hour menu that we’ll discuss in great detail in the near future.

Furthermore, the complete name of the restaurant is Big Rock Chophouse & Brewery. The beers are nothing to scoff at either. With award winning IPAs and an incredible Russian Imperial Stout, the beer is just as good a reason to visit Big Rock as the food.

On Sunday, however, there will be no beer. Food is the focus and Chef Henson will be serving smoked lamb loin over a quinoa, roasted grape, and mushroom salad with goat cheesecake, and lingonberry dressing.

This dish has a lot going on in terms of flavor and texture. Lamb loin is tremendous when smoked and it is especially nice sitting atop the earthy quinoa and mushrooms. Roasted grapes are sweet, but not to the point of being raisins. Finally, the goat cheesecake and lingonberry dressing function as bite of dessert almost. Basically, you have an entire meal in a couple small bites. It’s truly masterful work.

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