The Pizza Storm Series!

Welcome to The Pizza Storm Series!

What do you get when you brainstorm to create a list of your favorite pizza toppings – PLUS – a list of your favorite foods that you’d really like to try on a pizza?  (other than a really long list)


I’m talking about a real pizza storm here…..5 pizzas in one evening.
Here is a look at the ingredients used in Pizza #1:  Prosciutto Boursin

To start, chopped rosemary was folded into pizza dough for some extra flavor.  Once the dough was rolled out, it was brushed with olive oil & garlic in place of sauce.

The Prosciutto Boursin pizza was topped with roasted red peppers, chopped figs, chopped prosciutto, toasted pine nuts and crumbled Boursin.

About 4 minutes before it was done baking, 5 full slices of prosciutto were added so they could crisp up in the oven.



A light arugula salad (olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper) topped the slices upon serving.  Every bite of this pizza offered a different combination of tastes!  The figs added the perfect amount of sweetness against the salty prosciutto and the Boursin/pine nut combo was perfection!


Stay tuned for the next Pizza Storm Series recipe!


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