What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Man, it’s a hot one today. I mean, seriously, HOT here in Michigan. It’s 7pm and it’s 97 degrees. The last thing I know that most of you want to do is cook. I know what you mean, I wasn’t a fan of doing it either. Still…I┬áhave to ask you though

What’s for dinner?

I’m gonna be honest here. If it wasn’t for me being part of this blog, I wouldn’t cook hardly as much as I do; Especially trying to find new recipes I wouldn’t ever make on a regular basis. My friend Ponti posted these noodles earlier today, and I had to try them out, especially getting them ready for tomorrow when I can have cold noodles on a day that it’ll hit over 100….seriously I figured I left these days when I moved from Las Vegas and Phoenix! PHEW!

grilled chicken

The noodles are vegetarian, but I need protein, so I added a little bit of grilled chicken on top. Best part here is that I can have both cold tomorrow and not worry about cooking. WIN!

Dessert? Well, I purchased a watermelon today. I had to ask for a seeded one, which was funny to me. Why are the seeded watermelons in the back? They’re about 10x more flavorful than seedless. (to me anyway)

I bought a 28 lb watermelon. Yes, yes I did. And stood for over an hour and cut and seeded it. TOTALLY worth it to me. :)

dang mo

This bowl is 14″ across. Not a seed to be found in it. I found two recipes to use a bit of it, one I can’t show you yet because they’re not set. (Watermelon yogurt pops!) The other I’m having right now.

Banana Watermelon Margarita

Banana Watermelon Margarita


This is a watermelon banana margarita with a few blueberries tossed in. I froze all of the fruit before adding it to the blender (thin slices of watermelon and banana helps them freeze faster, and also makes them easier to blend.) There was no ice added to this. A bit of lime juice was though, as well as a sugared glass rim.

Oh yes, I’m keeping cool tonight! I hope you are too.

So, what’s on your plate tonight?

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