What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Super quick post here now, followed by a possible longer one later.

HI! Have you ever gotten to a point where you take on a project and you’re like “Sure, I can do it!” Then about a month in you’re wondering “What the heck was I thinking??” I’m there!

What’s for dinner?

I’m literally flying through this. I went to class earlier, got home, made dinner, took pics of it and a few other goodies I baked today, took my son to his band concert, and took my daughter with me to a Homeowners Association meeting.

all within an hour.

I was writing this earlier at the HOA meeting, but my battery died…and it killed my post. Grrr

Anyway, dinner was quick and simple for me. I made leftover homemade chicken and dumplings with a salad for dinner. Of course modified a bit differently than the link above, but it’s a good quick fix for those moods for quick, simple and comforting.


Cameron (husband) made this amazing vinaigrette that even my daughter loves, and she’s been a little under the weather, so I made her her favorite ‘chicken and ducklings’. It’s easy and to the point…plus if it has her put something in her tummy while she doesn’t feel good, it works for me.

February 22

For dessert, I made pumpkin butterscotch blondies for the HOA. Cameron kinda forgot to take them, so I have both the blondies as well as pumpkin zucchini bread here waiting to be eaten (That’s another post though, coming soon…)

Pumpkin butterscotch blondies.

So…what’s on your plate tonight?

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