What’s for Dinner Wednesday?

Good evening! I had this post all set and ready to go, and forgot to hit send before I left the house. I’m so sorry!

What’s for dinner?

Well, what was for dinner anyway.

This has been a little bit hectic for me today. I had everything set and ready to go. Went to work, then to see the sneak preview for Friends with Benefits (it’s a good movie if you’re into romantic comedies.)

Oh yeah…the food.

Tonight it was simple and basic food.


Pan seared oven baked chicken cooked with red onion and garlic with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli.

See? Simple, basic and mostly healthy. (don’t look at all the butter in those potatoes!)

So, what was on your plate tonight?

by the way….Any ideas on what you’d like to see me make? Send your ideas on over. I usually stand by the grill a lot over the summer months, and I’d hate to bore you all! Send me down some recipes!

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